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WARPATH by Zoe Saadia WARPATH by Zoe Zaadia All Zoe Saadia books come with an Author Alliance seal of approval. As those who have followed us the past few years understand, we don’t hand out such praise without merit. The WARPATH by Zoe Saadia is the fourth book in the People of the Longhouse Series. Warpath […]

Zoe Saadia announces the release of Warpath (People of the Longhouse Book 4). This historical fiction series covers the pre-Columbus people along the Great Lakes. IMMEDIATE RELEASE We’ve been looking forward to this one ever since the third release, Troubled Waters, in the exciting People of the Longhouse Series. The Author Alliance staff reads everything […]

In this video, Billy Wilder speaks on writing, providing a perspective from one of the greatest writers of all times, Billy Wilder gives us an inside look into his techniques and writing philosophy. Bonus Jack Lemmon did the introduction. He starred in six of Billy Wilder’s biggest films. He explains how Wilder wrote, directed, and produced films, […]

In the video, Stephen King and his son, Owen King, and Peter Straub and his daughter, Emma Straub, open up about their father & sibling relationships. St. Francis College and BookCourt sponsored the discussion. Funny Stephen King and Emma Straub provide most the humor, each exhibiting a playful side. Insight Stephen King and Peter Straub […]

WRITING TIPS: In the video, Michael Jecks discusses the subject of changing points of view. While he does not write in first person or present tense, he provides some interesting insight on changing points of view in third person past tense. What we learn: Michael Jecks explains how he writes scenes in 1,000 word bursts. […]

ANNOUNCEMENT Race for the Prize is the new release by Kevin Hatt.   NEW RELEASE BY KEVIN HATT Book 5 in the Haszard Narratives, Race for the Prize, serves up another mystery/crime/black comedy. Amazon Description This is the fifth in the series of Haszard mystery/crime/black comedies. When on holiday with his friends, Haszard sees a girl […]

We’ve all heard the stories of several top publishers rejecting JK Rowling and Harry Potter, but 450 million copies later let’s take a look at how Rowling finally broke through. Barry Cunningham The man who discovered JK Rowling and Harry Potter. What did he see that so many other publishers missed? Watch the BBC interview […]

Steve Chesson introduces free software for KDP Authors to figure out how many books a particular book is selling.​ FREE KDP AUTHOR TOOL #AuthorToolsFREE KDP AUTHOR TOOL   

Book Tweet Promotion Twitter Book Promotion Options Our Author Solutions include several Twitter Book Promotion options. Our professional teams works diligently to build several twitter accounts with legitimate readers, authors, publishers, agents as our followers. Our twitter accounts have several thousand combined followers. Our @AuthorAlliance and @Readersalliance has almost 300,000 combined followers. While our Twitter […]

AUTHOR INTERVIEWDR JOHN HOUSE Dr John House visits Jerry Beller at the Author Alliance in the latest addition of My Author Friends Interview Series. Who is Dr John House? Thriller author of Trail of Deceit. Dr John House Author Interview   Dr John House     What is the title of your latest release? TRAIL OF […]

Julie Moffett ​Author Alliance InterviewJulie Moffett visits Jerry Beller at the Author Alliance. Julie Moffett Author Interview Hello and welcome to the Author Alliance. Thanks for making time to join us today. Hi! Thanks for having me. Love chatting with fellow book lovers. What is the title of your latest release? NO ONE LIVES TWICE […]

Toni JacksonAuthor Alliance Interview Toni Jackson visits Jerry Beller at the Author Alliance.  Toni Jackson Author Alliance Interview AUTHOR NAME Toni Jackson     Hello and welcome to the Author Alliance. Thanks for making time to join us today. Hello! What is the title of your latest release? The Only One for Me Please tell […]