Emotion Thesaurus: Delight Your Readers By Using The #1 Writing Thesaurus

Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi

The Emotion Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi

Few books on writing the past several years have been more popular than The Emotion Thesaurus. The authors Angela Ackerman and Becca Publisi write several thesauruses helping authors select the right words, phrases, and sentences to convey the perfect emotion to readers.

A best-seller, The Emotion Thesaurus goes beyond random body responses to help create the perfect expression or movement to illustrate a particular emotional response. 

Please do not use their exact examples.

If you use their examples to inspire your own, you will take your writing to another level. Instead of stale nods, eye rolls, and shrugs, you will take your readers deeper inside your characters and show their excitement, fear, anger, frustration, and other specific emotions. 

Ackerman and Puglisis Show How to Show

Too many writing books tell writers to "show don't tell," until they turn blue in the face or throw their hands in the air.Rare is there a book showing writers how to show. 

Instead of beating writers over the head with an empty directive to show don't tell, Ackerman and Puglisi show how to show. So much of showing is making the readers feel what your characters experience. The Emotion Thesaurus is the best book on the subject. The next several best books on the subject might be Ackerman and Puglisis's other writing thesauruses. 

Get Both Formats!

I recommend paperback versions for most writing books to have on your desk while you write. This is a book, however, I suggest you get both a paperback and digital version because of the easy navigation in the later. 

Two Thumbs Up!

  • Easy to navigate book (digital).  
  • Create the perfect emotional response. 
  • ​Updated version adds even more words and examples.
  • One of today's best writing tools!
  • New expanded edition includes 130 entries.


Considered the "gold standard for writers," The Emotion Thesaurus holds a special position among the 12 writing books every author should master. 

Do your readers a favor and add this book to your writer’s toolbox!

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