Scene and Structure: Gain Writers Edge with #1 Writing Book

Scene and Structure by Jack Bickham

Scene and Structure still resonates today as much as when Dr. Jack Bickham released in the early 1990's. Dwight Swain's greatest and brightest protege, Bickham blazed his own path in the literary world. As a distinguished professor and department head at the University of Oklahoma, Bickham taught the principles in this and other writing books.

Scene and Structure is one of a handful of books including Dwight Swain’s Techniques of the Selling Author that directly or indirectly influence every noteworthy book on writing to follow. In Scene & Structure, Jack Bickham simplify, expands, and provides terrific examples of Swain’s cause and effect.

Bickham preaches throughout this and other books that nothing in a story happens without reason, no effects without cause.

“To be deemed plausible by readers,” said Dr. Bickham, “fiction must make more sense than real life.”

Scene and Structure shows how to make fiction make greater sense than real life. Cause and effect seems simple until one demands every sentence in a 300 page book is either cause or effect. This is where many authors fail. Reading and mastering this book is an important step in any author or screenwriter's development.

Two Thumbs Up!

  • This is perhaps Jack Bickham's most important book on writing. 
  • The book teaches cause and effect better than any other.
  • You will learn structure from one of the best teachers. 
  • Each time you read Scene & Structure, you become a better writer!


For three decades, Scene and Structure has been a staple for every serious writer in the world, and will remain so as long as writers pursue fundamentals and excellence. 

Scene and Structure earns its spot among 12 writing books every author should master. 

Do yourself a favor and add this book to your writer’s toolbox!

Jerry Beller

Jerry Beller is the lead author and researcher at Beller Health Research Institute, and the founder of the Author Alliance. 

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